Lac Viet Tattoo

Ancient, King Hung instructed to continue using Lac Vietnamese ancient tattoos to reach and conquer the natural river delta in life survival. The custom of tattooing is one of the oldest continuous and long-term survival of our country's goods. 



Besides tattooing process, art bronze casting, bronze drum processing should also be formed very early. Bronze drum is a symbol of power, the power of kings, clan chief of that time. On drums is the enhancement patterns populations, close to the Lac Vietnamese natural hunting and gathering to survive. 



With the desire to access and wide dissemination to more people and traditional tattoo art of the ancient Vietnamese people Lac. Vietnam has combined communications Tattoo tattoo art and designs are available on the drums to the soul of Vietnamese people in the class of modern communication through each needle tattoo ink into the skin. The essence is to paint a whole culture and national pride. 



Even today, tattoos can be a personal manifesto, a patron animal or remember an event that has meaning in life. The picture becomes more beautiful, true to the art. Patterns from Maya, Egypt, Maori, the Caribbean or elaborate drawings from Japan. 



Modern technology has contributed to technical tattoo industry is increasingly more advanced, better. Identity of the paths increasingly elaborate tattoo over hand artisans devoted to art on skin, to bring to everyone the beauty is the most complete of Lac Vietnamese Tattoo criteria.



Portrait tattoos